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1、Cement: 52.5R or above grade marked cement (Huarun Cement),specific surface area 380㎡/kg ,28-days strength>60Map.

2、Sand: 2.2-2.9 fineness module for medium sand ,mudcontent <1%,clay conten<0.5%.

3、Gravel: 5mm-25mm, continuous grading, crushing value<10.

4、PC Steel Bar: Φ9.0mm﹑Φ10.7mm、Φ12.6mm﹑Φ14.0mm,tensile strength  not less than 1420Mpa,elongation not less than 7%.

5、Water Reducing Agent: high efficiency water reducing agaent with a water reducing ratio larger than 20% which can reduce the water-cement ratio of concrete,dense the concrete and enhance its endurance.

6、End Panel: Q235 cold-rolled plate

7、Wire Material: Q235 type B material   Φ6.5 to Φ8.0 hot-rolled low carbon steel wire rods.